Dust Off Your Life

picasso quote for blog post 3
When was the last time you picked up a box of crayons and just colored? I dare you to do it with the slightest bit of intention, letting go for just a moment the flurry of the day and see what happens.
For me, just the smell of a crayon starts to get me there. Green, ahh… green…Think I’m goofy? Next time you grace the doors of a Barnes and Noble, go to the art section, and you will see adult coloring books popping up everywhere. In fact, Crayola has just launched a new adult line. Why would something so juvenile appeal to an adult? Because adults are catching on to what Pablo Picasso was talking about. A box of colors and a white page with black lines has the potential of a fine glass of wine. It can calm the nervous system and soothe the soul.
Get any kind of coloring utensil…pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens… the juice of a beet if you have to, and just color. Grab your child’s coloring book, buy one from Barnes and Noble, or print a black-lined picture from the internet. Don’t even worry what you are going to do with it after it’s done. The magic is in the process, not the product. But hey, if you want to hang it on the fridge, go ahead. It may even remind you to color more.