Street Pianos Visits Mesa

This is one of my favorite reasons I love living in Mesa, Arizona. Our city, along with the Mesa Arts Center recognizes the arts in special ways year round.  This spring, our city has provided over 20 pianos for play on various sidewalks and public places.  Many of these colorful masterpieces were donated by families of Mesa and painted by local artists.

Pictured above is a piano located outside Mesa’s Red Mountain Multi-generational Center.  At any time, a passerby can choose to sit down and plink out a tune.  From a piano virtuoso to a toddler’s touch, these pianos have delighted both players and listeners alike.  It’s a simple beauty that creates instant connection.  Our brains love it, and our souls sing.  What a gift!

Street Pianos was beautifully birthed in 2008 in the UK when Luke Jerram wanted to create a community where people interacted with each other instead of sitting in silence, so he started the movement known as, “Play Me, I’m Yours.”  At the time of this publication, over 1500 pianos have been commissioned in over 50 cities around the world.  Any city can bring this amazing legacy to their sidewalks by visiting